WordCamp 2018 Survey - All 144 Responders Profiles

[SQLREPORT name="AllQ1Attend"]

Comment – 2/3rd are likely to attend

[SQLREPORT name="allq2attendpast"]


[SQLREPORT name="allq3attendother"]

Comment – 2/3rds have not attended outside TO

[SQLREPORT name="allq5frontenddev"]

Comment – just over half claim some frontend work

[SQLREPORT name="allq6backend"]

Comment – much fewer backend veterans

[SQLREPORT name="allq7wpuser"]

Comment – 3/4 admit to being WordPress Users

[SQLREPORT name="allq8businessowner"]

Comment – 2/3rds do business related WP

[SQLREPORT name="allq9wcsocializing"]

Comment – here is soacializing ppreferences

[SQLREPORT name="allsitesecurity"]

Comment – WP Security is most demanded topic