WordCamp 2018 Survey - Most and Least Popular Topics

[SQLREPORT name="allgutenbergdetails"]
Topic – Q10. Authoring/publishing [Gutenberg and the new user experience]
Comment – one of the most popular topics
[SQLREPORT name="allsitesecurity"]
Topic – Q11. Site administration [Security (login, HTTPS, firewalls, plugins, hardening)]
CommentThe most popular topic
[SQLREPORT name="allsiteoptimization"]
Topic – Q11. Site administration [Optimization (loading speed, images, measurement, PWA, AMP)]
Comment – Optimizing performance in WP is always of interest
[SQLREPORT name="allthemesbeginnerall"]

Comment – Beginner topics take it on the chin

[SQLREPORT name="allsitesinstallationgetstarted"]

Comment – Happy Bar offering? 

[SQLREPORT name="allsitenameslogos"]

Comment – too nitty gritty details

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