WordCamp Toronto Topic Survey - All Responses

[SQLREPORT name="allcontentstrategy"]

Topic – Content strategy, development
Comment – Content Strategy has active interest

[SQLREPORT name="alleditingtinygute"]

Topic – Editor, post and page (authoring, TinyMCE, Gutenberg)
Comment – Gutenberg vs Classic Editor has some interest

[SQLREPORT name="allgutenbergdetails"]

Topic – Gutenberg and the new user experience
Comment But higher interest in Gutenberg details

[SQLREPORT name="allcssframeworksprep"]

Topic – CSS (styling, frameworks, preprocessors)
Comment – CSS frameworks  has just modest interest

[SQLREPORT name="allcssflexboxcssgrid"]

Topic – CSS Flexbox and Grid (when and how to use)
Comment – CSS Flexbox & Grid increases CSS interest 

[SQLREPORT name="allimagemanagement"]

Topic – Image use, management, optimization, free vs stock sources
Comment – Image Management, a persistent problem on users websites, garners “Some Interest”

[SQLREPORT name="allbasicpages"]

Topic – Pages, standard types (about, contact, testimonials, landing, etc.)
Comment – How to do basic page types like About, Contacts, etc

[SQLREPORT name="allmenusandtags"]

Topic – Menus, tags and categories (navigation, indexing, classification)
Comment – Menus, categories, tags and permalinks basic info

[SQLREPORT name="allsitesinstallationgetstarted"]

Topic – Installation (getting started with WP itself)
Comment – Ouch, nobody wants to know how to get started again

[SQLREPORT name="allsitecustomization"]

Topic – Customization (admin/dashboard UI)
Comment – Site customization will be big in the next version of WordPress

[SQLREPORT name="allsitenameslogos"]

Topic –  Domain names, logos, trademarks
Comment – Nitty gritty webstuff – low interest

[SQLREPORT name="allsitehosting"]

Topic – Hosting (requirements, types, costs, trends)
Comment – Hosting choice is becoming crucial

[SQLREPORT name="allsiteoptimization"]

Topic – Optimization (loading speed, images, measurement, PWA, AMP)
Comment – Big need and  very popular topic

[SQLREPORT name="allsitemigration"]

Topic – Migration (content, site, plugins, importing and exporting content)
Comment – Site migration – so much fun…

[SQLREPORT name="allsiteplugins"]

Topic –  Plugins, sets (basic/minimum, key, most popular)
Comment – Plugins are vital, so get the right choice

[SQLREPORT name="allsiteecommerce"]

Topic – Ecommerce (plugins, WooCommerce vs Shopify)
Comment – I expected much more interest

[SQLREPORT name="allsitesecurity"]

Topic – Security (login, HTTPS, firewalls, plugins, hardening)
Comment – The most popular topic

[SQLREPORT name="allsitegdpr"]

Topic – GDPR compliance
Comment – Big topic and concern earlier this summer

[SQLREPORT name="allsitemaintenance"]

Topic – Maintenance (core, theme and plugin updates, backups, subscription services)
Comment – Sprawling topic hard to focus on

[SQLREPORT name="allmktgseo"]

Topic – SEO techniques, plugins (beginner)
Comment – Trending upward

[SQLREPORT name="allseomarkettesting"]

Topic – Marketing (including lead conversion, funnels, A/B testing)
Comment – Hardcore Marketing & SEO makes its mark

[SQLREPORT name="allmarketingsocialmedia"]

Topic – Social Media (promotion, engagement; plugins)
Comment – Also trending upward

[SQLREPORT name="allmarketinganalytics"]

Topic – Analytics (set-up, customization, plugins, services)
Comment – Google dominates the topic

[SQLREPORT name="allthemesbeginnerall"]

Topic – Theme selection (beginner)
Comment – Beginner topics are not popular

[SQLREPORT name="allthemestypes"]

Topic – Themes types and their use cases (child, starter, basic, framework, etc.)
Comment – No consensus  on wide-ranging  topic

[SQLREPORT name="allthemesdesign"]

Topic – Design, blog and page layouts
Comment – Again wide ranging topic , mixed results

[SQLREPORT name="allthemescustomization"]

Topic – Theme/Templates (customization, custom post type, plugins)
Comment – Also trending upward as this will be the next push after Gutenberg

[SQLREPORT name="allthemespagebuilders"]

Topic – Page builders
Comment – Surprise, only moderate interest in PageBuilders

[SQLREPORT name="alldevwpcore"]

Topic – WordPress core developments, plans
Comment – At a time when Website development is changing fast, not much interest

[SQLREPORT name="alldevapisrest"]

Topic – APIs, web services (REST, etc.)
Comment – getting REST right will be critical to WordPress

[SQLREPORT name="alldevfunctionshooks"]

Topic – Functions, hooks, classes, methods
Comment – Deep look into PHP and now JavaScript that are parts of the WP Engine. So no surprise – mixed interest

[SQLREPORT name="alldevnavigation"]

Topic – Navigation (menus, TOCs, categories)
Comment – Overlaps menus and navs earlier topic

[SQLREPORT name="alldiyvsproall"]

Topic – DIY vs professional concerns
Comment -limited interest

[SQLREPORT name="allwpbusiness"]

Topic – The business of WP (development, design, consulting, agencies, etc.)
Comment – Slight but not overwhelming interest??

[SQLREPORT name="allother"]

Topic – The WP community and ecosystem
Comment – Some interest

[SQLREPORT name="alltrendsinwp"]

Topic – Trends in WP as a publishing platform, a CMS, SaaS
Comment – Modest interest in WP Ecosystem but much more interest in WP trends