Review of Brandon's Website Designs

Website.Grader Rating

Needs work on performance, SEO and Security.

Top of Home Landing Page  uses full width slider plus link to details. It also has a sticky menu useful for large landing pages. Note the image is not sharp but the condo has sold. Second part of landing page:

There is a proclamation of goals and intent followed by a carousel slider of properties for sale or rent. The third part of the landing page:

There is a split call to action to buy or sell a paroerty followed by an image of the principals. A fourth section features:

A slider with links to blog posts and then an image of the Verity Team. As you see the sticky menu stays on top as users scroll down the page.

Website.Grader Rating

Also needs work on Performance and SEO.

Use a full width slider with smaller link for more details. Not a sticky menu but has a Newsletter Optin button on upper right. 

Second part of landing page features personal call-to-action:

This is a key personal appeal that appears several more times in videos under the Media menu item.

This is followed by a third section:

This has a one line testimonial [curious] and a one image link to an assessment of the real estate market [curious too].

Two other Real Estate Websites - A quick look

First the Website Grader ratings:

The highest website grading.

Followed by the landing page design:


First the Website Grader ratings:

The second highest rating.

Now for a look at the landing page:

Uncommonly arrogant … and different.

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